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Taxi Brussels Airport: Travelling From Brussels Zaventem Airport

Whether you’re a business traveller, a tourist exploring the grandeur of Belgium, or a resident returning home, the journey from Brussels Zaventem Airport by taxi offers a seamless and convenient experience. Indeed Taxi Brussels Airport will help you complete your trip without any stress.

Why Choose a Taxi from Brussels Zaventem Airport?

A taxi ride from Brussels Zaventem Airport provides a stress-free start or end to your journey. With professional drivers who know the best routes, you’ll reach your destination quickly and safely. Whether you’re travelling to the city centre, nearby towns, or across the border, a taxi ride ensures a convenient and enjoyable journey.

Popular Destinations with taxi from Brussels Zaventem Airport

Let’s get into some of the most popular destinations travellers choose to visit by taxi from Brussels Zaventem Airport.

1. Brussels City Centre

A taxi ride from Zaventem Airport to Brussels city centre usually takes around 20-30 minutes, covering a distance of approximately 15 km. The city centre, known for its captivating historical sites such as the Grand Place, Manneken Pis and the Atomium, is a must-visit for any traveller.

2. Antwerp

The city of Antwerp, renowned for its diamond district and vibrant fashion scene, is another popular destination. A taxi ride from Brussels Zaventem Airport to Antwerp takes about 45 minutes to an hour, covering a distance of around 44 km.

3. Ghent

Another hotspot, Ghent, is famous for its well-preserved medieval architecture. The taxi ride from Brussels Zaventem Airport to Ghent covers approximately 67 km and usually takes about an hour.

4. Bruges

Bruges, often referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’, is a medieval city known for its beautiful canals and cobblestone streets. The taxi journey from Zaventem Airport to Bruges takes around 1.5 hours and covers a distance of about 108 km.

Taxi Brussels Airport to Other Airports

Travellers can also book a taxi for comfortable transfers to other airports in and around Belgium.

1. Charleroi Airport

A taxi ride from Brussels Zaventem Airport to Charleroi Airport takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes, covering approximately 69 km. This service ensures a hassle-free connection between the two airports.

2. Antwerp International Airport

The journey from Brussels Zaventem Airport to Antwerp International Airport is approximately 40 km, typically taking around 30 minutes by taxi.

Hotel Transfers by Taxi from Brussels Zaventem Airport

We also offer direct transfers to various hotels. Whether you’re staying at The Hotel Brussels in the city centre, the Radisson Red Brussels in the European District, or the Hilton Antwerp Old Town in Antwerp, a taxi can take you right to the doorstep.

Experience the Convenience of a Taxi from Brussels Zaventem Airport

A convenient and efficient way to reach popular destinations, other airports, and hotels. It offers a hassle-free travel experience, ensuring you can relax and enjoy the ride, whether you’re in Belgium for business or pleasure.

Visiting Attractions by Taxi Brussels Airport

Apart from cities and hotels, taxis at Brussels Airport are also an excellent choice for visiting major attractions in and around Brussels.

1. Atomium

An iconic building in Brussels, the Atomium, is a must-visit. This architectural marvel is only about a 20-minute. taxi Brussels Airport will take you there from the airport covering a distance of 13 km.

2. Mini-Europe

Located near the Atomium, Mini-Europe is a miniature park showcasing replicas of Europe’s famous landmarks. Taxi Brussels Airport will get you there in approximately 20 minutes from the airport.

3. Royal Palace of Brussels

The Royal Palace of Brussels, a symbol of Belgium’s constitutional monarchy, is about a 20-minute taxi ride from the airport.

International Travel by Taxi Brussels Airport

For those looking to travel further afield, taxis at Brussels Airport can also provide direct access to neighbouring countries.

1. Taxi Brussels Airport to Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For a trip to Amsterdam’s historic canals and lively nightlife, a taxi journey from Brussels Zaventem Airport will take approximately 2.5 hours, covering a distance of around 210 km.

2. Paris, France

The City of Love, Paris, is about 3.5 hours away by taxi from Zaventem Airport, covering approximately 310 km. Enjoy the comfort of a taxi ride as you plan your visit to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and other iconic sites.

Reliability and Safety of Taxis Brussels Airport

Taxis from Brussels Zaventem Airport are known for their reliability and safety. Drivers are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable about the best routes to take. Moreover, taxi Brussels Airport services ensure the implementation of appropriate health and safety measures, providing a clean and safe environment for passengers.

Conclusion: The Ease of travelling with Taxi Brussels Airport

From cities and hotels to local and international attractions, travelling by taxi to Brussels Airport makes every journey comfortable and convenient. The next time you land in Brussels, consider taking a taxi to your destination to enjoy the smooth and stress-free travel experience it provides.

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The beautiful city of Brussels and its airport

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and a vibrant cosmopolitan destination known for its rich history, stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and famous landmarks. If you’re planning a visit to Brussels and its airport, here’s some information to help you make the most of your trip:

Brussels Airport (also known as Brussels Zaventem Airport) is the main international airport serving Brussels and the surrounding region. It is located in Zaventem, approximately 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) northeast of the city centre. The airport is well-connected and serves as a major hub for both domestic and international flights.

To reach Brussels city centre from the airport, you have several transportation options:

Train: The airport has a direct train station located below the terminal building. Regular trains operate between the airport and Brussels Central Station, which is situated in the heart of the city. The journey takes around 20 minutes, and trains run frequently throughout the day.

Bus: The airport is served by several bus lines that connect it to different parts of Brussels. The STIB/MIVB bus lines 12 and 21 provide service to the city centre, with stops at key locations such as the European Quarter and the Brussels North railway station.

Taxi: Taxis are readily available outside the arrivals hall. The journey to the city centre takes approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Once you arrive in Brussels, there are numerous attractions and activities to explore:

Grand Place: This UNESCO World Heritage site is Brussels’ central square and a stunning example of Gothic and Baroque architecture. It features the impressive Town Hall and the beautifully decorated guild houses.

Atomium: A unique and iconic symbol of Brussels, the Atomium is a giant stainless steel structure representing an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times. Visitors can explore its exhibitions and enjoy panoramic views of the city from the top sphere.

Belgian Chocolate and Waffles: Indulge in Belgium’s famous culinary delights. Sample delicious chocolates from renowned chocolatiers and savour traditional Belgian waffles topped with a variety of mouthwatering toppings.

European Quarter: Visit the European Parliament and other European Union institutions located in Brussels’ European Quarter. Take a guided tour to learn about European politics and history.

Museums: Brussels boasts a wide range of museums, including the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, the Magritte Museum, and the Museum of Natural Sciences. These offer diverse collections spanning art, history, science, and more.

Comic Strip Route: Brussels is known as the birthplace of famous comic characters like Tintin and the Smurfs. Explore the city’s streets adorned with colourful murals depicting scenes from popular comics. Enjoy your time exploring Brussels and have a great trip!

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium and de facto capital of the European Union has a rich and intriguing history that spans over a thousand years.

Experience Smooth Rides With Taxi Zaventem International Airport in Brussels

Are you planning a trip to Brussels or leaving this picturesque city? Make your journey hassle-free and comfortable with our premium taxi services at Zaventem International Airport, a major transportation hub serving the Belgian capital. When it comes to comfort, efficiency, and reliability, no service beats Taxi Zaventem International Airport. Here’s why.

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What could be better than stepping off your plane and directly into a comfortable, clean, and climate-controlled taxi? At Zaventem International Airport, we take pride in our exceptional airport taxi services. Our professional drivers, with excellent knowledge of Brussels and its environs, ensure a smooth ride to your destination, whether it’s a city centre hotel, a business meeting, or a quaint neighbourhood.

Safe and Reliable Taxi Services

Your safety is our utmost priority. Our highly skilled and experienced drivers, along with meticulously maintained vehicles, make Taxi Zaventem International Airport the safest choice for airport transfers in Brussels. Our track record speaks for itself, as we consistently strive for service excellence and customer satisfaction.

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With our easy-to-use online booking system, you can schedule your taxi ride at Zaventem International Airport within a matter of minutes. In addition, our transparent pricing means you will know exactly what you will pay for your journey, with no hidden charges or surprise fees. Experience the convenience of hassle-free travel, with all details taken care of in advance.

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Why stress about transportation when you can experience seamless airport transfers with Taxi Zaventem International Airport? With a focus on customer comfort, safety, and satisfaction, we are your ideal partner for all your transportation needs in and around Brussels. Take advantage of our efficient taxi services and make your journey to or from Zaventem International Airport as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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