There are many ways to undertake your airport transfer or shuttle to / from Charleroi airport. The most important thing to know is that there is no

train station in Charleroi airport. However there is a train station in the city of Charleroi. To get to / from Charleroi airport you will need to use a taxi, a bus or the train from Charleroi south train station.

It is also important to know that if you have enough time ahead, the cheapest way to get to / from Charleroi airport is definitely by bus.
Indeed from Brussels Midi bus station. There are shuttles leaving every 30 minutes to Charleroi airport. And the average bus ticket for one person is about 15 euros. Nevertheless if you are a group of people starting from 4 people and up, considering booking a taxi or a minivan could be a wise idea as you pay a fixed amount for your trip regardless of the number of people you are. And the taxi or minivan comes to pick you up at your address. Whereas when you take the shuttle from Midi station you still need extra transport to take you to the bus station.

Brussels airport transfer or shuttle to / from Charleroi airport

By taxi you need to allow at least 55 minutes going to, from Charleroi airport to Brussels city center. This taxi ride will cover a distance of about 60 km. same time and distance if you take the bus shuttle. Only bear in mind that buses leave every 30 minutes.

Bruges airport transfer or shuttle to / from Charleroi airport

You have many options to go from Charleroi to Bruges. The cheapest way is by combination of bus and train. This will take you about 3 hours. So if you have time and are not in a hurry, you might consider that option as it is much cheaper than the taxi to Bruges. If you prefer to go by taxi from Charleroi airport to Bruges then allow 1 hour and 50 minutes to cover a distance of 155 km.

Ghent airport transfer or shuttle to / from Charleroi airport

Same as above applies for going to, from Charleroi airport to the city of Ghent. By taxi is a 1 hour and 20 minutes’ drive for a total distance of 111 km. By train it will take you exactly 2 hours and 7 minutes de go from Charleroi airport to Ghent or vice versa.

Ostend airport transfer or shuttle to / from Charleroi airport

The distance between Charleroi airport and Ostend is much bigger. If you decide to go by taxi from Charleroi airport to Ostend, then you will spend 1 hour and 40 minutes and cover a total distance of 165 km. On the other hand if you decide to go by train, please allow minimum 2 hours and 50 minutes to go from one end to the other.

Machelen airport transfer or shuttle to / from Charleroi airport

1 hour and 45 minutes are enough to go from Charleroi airport to Machelen by train. The same trip by taxi will take about 55 minutes assuming there is not much traffic on the road. As people know that traffic can be very heavy sometimes on the R.O (Ring west).

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  1. Thanks for the lowdown. I think taking a taxi is the better choice for most of these routes, but it’s always good to have many options available.

  2. I think you definitely have to factor in time and location before choosing each route. I like the minivan option from Charleroi airport. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This artcle is very helpfull to save time . I feel more comfortable taking taxi when I don’t know well the are or when is a llong route. taxi would be my choice here.

  4. This post is very useful for the travelers Charleroi to their destination. Well-done and its informative. Airport transfer in a shuttle is more comfy than taking a taxi actually.

  5. Indeed the avantage is that you pre book your trip. So you know exactly. In advance how much this will cost you. Whereas taking a taxi with a taximeter could surprise you after the ride is finished so …

  6. I’d always prefer a bus or train when I’m traveling, unless I’ve got a lot of baggage then I’d take a cab. It’s really great to have options like these, so you can limit your transportation expense.

  7. This is just in time for my trip to charleroi! Personally I love taking trains. There’s just something unique and so local about the experience

  8. Where is this even located? I have not heard this place before. Anyway I think I am taking the cab for now.

  9. Charleroi is a region and city in Belgium. and few kilometers away from the city there’s the second biggest Belgian airport which is Brussels south Charleroi airport. But everyone likes to call it simply Charleroi airport

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