Taxi Fleet

We have 6 categories of vehicles

We have a large taxi fleet in our company. Here you can see the photos of some of our vehicles. All our vehicles are fully licenced for transport and they all have a plate number starting with TL meaning Taxi Limousine as the Belgian regulation requires.

A large fleet of vehicles to serve you: sedans, minivans, minibuses, and limousines. Among the sedans, you can choose between the luxury or standard models. The same goes for minibuses, we have the luxury and standard minivans
Our chauffeur-driven cars have a Wi-Fi network so you can connect if you need to. Our clean and neat interior invites you to relax and unwind.

Standard Sedan

This is our cheapest vehicle category. it has a maximum capacity of 4 passengers and 3 bags. It is the most popular. In this category, you will find vehicles like Nissan Qashqai, Skoda Octavia or similar vehicles


Executive Mercedes Benz E class

Our Executive sedans essentially consist of models such as Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6, Volvo S90, or similar vehicles. This is really luxurious. It was primarily designed to take a maximum of 3 passengers. However, this vehicle has 4 passenger seatbelts. Therefore we allow up to 4 passengers in this vehicle and 3 bags.

Standard Minivan

This category of vehicles can take up to 8 passengers per vehicle. It is the cheapest way to travel by taxi if you have a lot of luggage or if you are a group of people exceeding 4.

In our standard minibus category, we have vehicles such as Opel Vivaro, Renault Trafic or similar vehicles


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Executive Mercedes Benz V Class & Vito tourer Minivan

In this category, we have various types of models like the Mercedes V Class, Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer, Mercedes Benz Viano, Ford Customs Tourneo etc … This type of vehicle can take up to 7 or 8 passengers maximum depending to the make and model of the minivan. It is our most luxurious vehicle. Very spacious, it has 6 leather seats in the back and 1 or 2 passenger seat in the front. 2 rows of 3 seats facing each other. You really feel like in a living room when you are on board our Mercedes Benz V class minivan.
For a group of 8 people, we also have a luxurious solution for them as we have this second model of a minivan. It is our Mercedes Benz Vito tourer model. It also has 6 leather seats in the back with 2 rows of 3 seats facing each other. In the front cabin, we have 2 extra seats. You understand very well that in our Mercedes Benz Vito tourer we can carry up to 8 passengers with the same comfort and luxury as in our Mercedes Benz V Class.

Taxi for wheelchair. Limousines and Buses

We also have a special taxi to carry people in wheelchairs. We have big buses of the capacity of 48 passengers per bus for a large group of people. Especially if they do not want to travel with different minivans. If you need a limousine for a particular event. For more information please to our homepage

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