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It’s time to talk about some tips for getting the cheapest flight ticket for your next trip. You start thinking about your trip now. So think about getting your cheapest plane ticket from now on. Indeed, the sooner you start, the more you have the chance to find the cheapest airline ticket. So it is not surprising to be sitting next to someone who bought his plane ticket 500 euros cheaper than your plane ticket.

What you need to know to find the cheapest flight ticket.

  1. Be prepared to sacrifice time for finding the cheapest airfare. If you are not ready to spend some time researching you often buy your plane ticket too expensive.
  2. The cheapest airline ticket is either on a flight comparator site, or directly on the airline’s website or in a traditional travel agency. So unless you compare the 3 we will never know where the cheapest plane ticket is. Once again, it will take a little time. There is no magic trick alas.
  3. Always start looking through the websites of flight comparators. Indeed, they have the merit of going to search several airlines at once in a few seconds. They will give you a rough idea of ​​the cheapest airlines for your travel date and destination. WARNING !!! the price you see displayed is very rarely the price you pay at the end. Often the flight comparators add some fees (administrative fees, fees, PayPal commission). commission if you pay with a credit card or not. Also think of sorting the search result by price from the cheapest to the most expensive so find in first position the cheapest airline.

Golden rules to find the cheapest plane ticket and save up to 500 euros or more.

Go to the airline’s website to see the price it offers for your destination and date of travel. The price displayed on the airline’s website is very often the final price to be paid. It almost never adds extra costs. Because they are already included in the price displayed on the site.

Then go to a few travel agencies to see the price they offer for the same date of travel and destination. The good news is that in most cities, these agencies are concentrated in one neighborhood. Because of this you can visit several travel agencies without having to move a lot. It is only after doing all this that you will know for sure where hides the cheapest air ticket. Remember that it is the airline that sets the price of the plane ticket. However, it grants a preferential price to travel agencies and flight comparators. So that they also make a profit margin. Depending on the time of year and the flight fill rate, the price of the plane ticket can fluctuate a lot depending on where you go to buy your plane ticket.

Tips for finding the cheapest flight ticket

Tip # 1. Know the list of low-cost airlines and their destinations

You do not have to go elsewhere. As soon as your destination is listed on the map of regular destinations of the low cost airline. Because the cheapest ticket is at home. The cheapest plane ticket is not in flight comparators even less in travel agencies.

Tip # 2. Always check the flexible date option when searching the internet

The price of your ticket can vary significantly depending on whether you leave the day before your preferred date or the next day. Remember to check the prices around your preferred date of departure. Then it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth moving your departure

Tip # 3. Never try affiliate searching for the same destination on the flight comparison sites

The flight comparators have almost all the same algorithm. When you stay on their site try several times to search for flights to the same destination, changing dates and other settings. Often you just make the price of your ticket go up. Thanks to Cookies they can say that you are the one who relaunch each time the search and not your neighbor. If possible tick the box flexible date. Open another tab for searching on another site. So you keep the results of the previous search within sight

Tip # 4. Early morning flights are generally cheaper than those in the evening or day.

Keep in mind that often for low-cost airlines, flights operated very early in the morning usually cost less than those leaving late at night. They are also much cheaper than those operated during the day.

As soon as your flight is delayed by a minimum of 3 hours upon arrival you are entitled to financial compensation

It is important to know when you are entitled to compensation from the airline. Know that many of us have already been in the position of claiming financial compensation from an airline. But out of ignorance we did not do it. Do not rely on the airline to give you your financial compensation automatically.
Click here to find out more on the website of the European Consumer Center.

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Low cost airlines

Low cost airlines to EUROPE – EUROPE (flights from 10 euros)


Low cost airlines to EUROPE – AMERICA (flights from 150 euros)

Wow air (America and Europe)
Norwegian air (Departure from Paris for now)

Low cost airlines to EUROPE – AFRICA

Air arabia

Low cost airlines to EUROPE – ASIA

Turkish Airlines
After this little tour on all low cost airlines, I guess it will be more difficult for you to find your cheapest flight ticket.

Travel and cheaper flight ticket

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