Taxi Aalst to / from Brussels airport

The most practical way to go by taxi from Brussels airport to Aalst is via highway E40 in

the direction of Ghent and Bruges.
This is a 50 minute drive and for distance of 40 km. We normally offer taxi trips from Aalst to Brussels airport and Brussels airport to Aalst. If you want to book a an Aalst taxi trip just go to our taxi booking form.

Taxi Aalst to / from Charleroi airport

The distance between Charleroi airport to Aalst is a bit longer this time. 1 hour drive when there is no big traffic for a total distance of 83 km, going through Brussels via highway E19 then E40. There are alternatives ways one of them being to drive through cities of Manage then Enghien and pass through Ninove.
This could be handy depending on the traffic on the highway. The total distance remains the same though, 83 kms as well.

Different ways to go from Brussels airport or Charleroi airport to / from Aalst.

There are many other alternatives to join Brussels airport or Charleroi airport a part from by taxi. And if you have enough time and with very little luggage, this will cost must cheaper.

The train remains the easiest and most practical alternative to the taxi. The train will take you in about 46 minutes from Aalst to Brussels airport. As for joining Charleroi airport, the easiest way is to take the train from Erembodegem to Brussels south. From Brussels south Midi to Charleroi South train station and from there take a bus up to Gosselies Airport station. You need to allow minimum 2 hours and a half to complete the trip.


  1. Thanks for listing every option. They all seem like reasonable prices and traveling times. Is Uber an option as well for Brussels, Aalst or Charleroi?

  2. Driving through the cities of Manage and Enghien sounds like a scenic route. A 46 minute train ride from from Aalst to Brussels airport is also very convenient. Thanks for the informative scheduling!

  3. Well-written and informative article here. It’s appreciated with the estimated time as well as the distance and other tips that could help make the travelers trip easier to transport from the airport.

  4. Uber operates only in Brussels for time being, so if you want to travel by taxi from Brussels to Charleroi airport Uber is indeed an option. But if you want to travel from Charleroi airport (which is about 60 km away from Brussels) to Brussels city center or any other town in Belgium or Europe, Uber is not an option at all. As it does not offer its service in the Chaleroi airport area.

  5. Indeed the scenery is just so beautiful if you go by taxi from Charleroi airport to Aalst through Enghien. The only problem is that this is a national route and not a highway, there is lots of traffic lights and it can take much more time to reach your final destination.

  6. Thanks for the informative and cool blog! I’m very thankful for the tips and advice that you are giving us right now. Having reasonable prices and travelling times is a huge help for a lot of people.

  7. <a href="" rel="nofollow ugc"></a> you can order right from that link

  8. Yes uber is an option departing from brussels only. If you want to depart from Aalst or from Charleroi up to date there is no way you can order Uber as the service is not available there. the only place you can order Uber right now in whole Belgium is only Brussels and its surroundings.

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