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taxis’ anecdotes, unusual funny or not, little stories. Things we are far from imagining as long as we haven’t gone through the experience ourselves.
Warn us against certain taxi practices in some big cities.
Tell us good things about taxis in some other cities. Taxi experience in Brussels, Paris, New-York, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Moscow, Hong-Kong, London, Beijing, Mexico, and Johannesburg.
Taxi experience in Kinshasa, Kigali, Sydney, Dubai, Amsterdam, and Rome.

Taxi experience in Brussels

According to some recent report by a Dutch travel website, Brussels is reported to be the sixth most expensive city in Europe regarding taxi trips from the Brussels airport to Brussels city center.

According to the airport taxi Report by, an average taxi ride from Brussels Zaventem airport to Brussels city center costs around 45 euros. The European average was €40.

A study compared taxi prices in about 40 major European cities. And the result showed that you should expect to pay 3 to 5 euros per kilometer a taxi ride from the airport to the city.

Based on same report, only 5 cities are more expensive than Brussels.
First i Geneva, then Zürich, followed by Copenhagen, Nice and Düsseldorf on the fifth position.

What do you think about the taxi ride in your own city from the airport to city center ?

Taxi experience in London

London taxi is known to be the best taxi in the world. 6 times in a row London’s taxi has been voted number one best taxi service.
A taxi survey conducted by puts London taxi on first position followed by New York City taxi.
Tokyo comes on third position to complete the top number 3 best taxi service in the world.

According to the same survey, the London black cabs offer the best taxi services. The London cabs drivers are known to have a very good knowledge on the whereabouts of almost any establishment. This is due to the taxi training they get. In fact London taxi drivers go through a very serious training before start operating as taxi drivers. Do you have personal experience with taxis in any of those top 3 cities ?


  1. Indeed from every website i could read London cabs drivers have very good reputation especially about their knowldge of the city. Only i was surprised that they did not appear among the most expensive. As it is also known that London cabs are not that cheap. But still good point for them 😉

  2. Awesome!
    No doubt, London Taxi is the best taxi in the world but at the same time, the London Taxi is costly. You have to research a little bit to find the best taxi service that’s reliable as well as cheap.

  3. Everyone say the same, and they go under serious training and serious examination before getting their licence to work as taxi drivers. And I believe this is why they get so angry at Uber drivers who can start working after very short training and few questions … but this is of course another subject …

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