Taxi Reims

Taxi Reims: Your One-Stop Transportation Solution

Reims, a city known for its rich history, breathtaking architecture, and delectable champagne, is a bustling hub of activity. It’s no wonder many locals and tourists alike often seek reliable and convenient transportation services like Taxi Reims to explore this enchanting city and its surroundings. This article takes a closer look at the popular destinations that Taxi Reims can take you to, along with details of the time and distance between these locations.

Discover Reims with Taxi Reims

Reims, located in the Grand Est region of France, is home to several landmarks such as the Reims Cathedral, Palais du Tau, and the Saint Remi Museum, all of which are easily accessible with Taxi Reims. These services not only cater to your intra-city travel needs but also provide taxi services to some of the most popular destinations outside the city.

Travel to Paris with Taxi Reims

Paris, the city of love, is one of the most popular destinations to travel to from Reims. A Taxi Reims ride to Paris typically takes about 1.5 hours, covering a distance of approximately 144 kilometers via the A4 route. Whether you’re planning to visit the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, or simply enjoy a scenic drive through the French countryside, Taxi Reims has got you covered.

Direct Taxi Service from Reims to Brussels

Venture beyond French borders with Taxi Reims’ convenient service to Brussels, the capital of Belgium. In approximately 2.5 hours, covering a distance of about 225 kilometers, you can explore Brussels’ stunning architecture, rich history, and delicious cuisine, all with the comfort and reliability of Taxi Reims.

Visiting Disneyland Paris with Taxi Reims

Make your children’s dreams come true with a trip to Disneyland Paris. Located about 129 kilometers away, you can reach the magical kingdom in approximately 1.5 hours with Taxi Reims. Skip the hassle of navigating public transportation and let Taxi Reims transport you to a world of magic and wonder.

Comfortable Trips to Nearby Airports

For those traveling further afield, Taxi Reims also provides comfortable and reliable transportation to nearby airports. Reims is located 144 kilometers from Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG), a journey that takes about 1.5 hours. The Paris Orly Airport (ORY), located 158 kilometers away, is about a 2-hour ride from Reims.

Hotel Transfers with Taxi Reims

Whether you’re staying at the Hotel Azur, Hotel Cecyl, or the Grand Hotel des Templiers, Taxi Reims can take you to and from your hotel with ease. Forget the inconvenience of hauling your luggage around; Taxi Reims will ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, regardless of where you’re staying.

Exploring the Champagne Region with Taxi Reims

Venture beyond Reims and explore the scenic Champagne region, renowned for its vineyards and champagne houses. You can reach Épernay, the Champagne capital, in about 30 minutes, covering a distance of 25 kilometers. You can also visit the charming city of Troyes, approximately 1.5 hours away (130 kilometers), to experience its rich history and beautiful half-timbered houses.


Whether you’re planning a day trip, airport transfer, or just need a ride within the city, Taxi Reims is your best bet for a hassle-free, comfortable journey. With their extensive knowledge of the area, professional drivers, and round-the-clock service, Taxi Reims is the perfect travel companion for exploring the beautiful city of Reims and beyond. Don’t wait any longer, book your Taxi Reims today, and embark on an unforgettable journey!

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