Taxi Sint Niklaas

Taxi Sint Niklaas: Your Reliable Transport Partner

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the services offered by Taxi Sint Niklaas. This robust taxi service provides residents and visitors of Sint Niklaas, a charming city in Belgium, with comfortable and convenient transportation to a myriad of popular destinations.

Top Destinations to Visit from Sint Niklaas


As a key urban center in Belgium, Antwerp is a popular destination for those taking a taxi from Sint Niklaas. Known for its vibrant culture, historic sites, and bustling diamond trade, Antwerp is approximately 35 km away. The average taxi ride duration is about 40 minutes, making it an easy trip for business or pleasure.


The Belgian capital, Brussels, known for its rich history, exquisite cuisine, and significant role in international politics, is also within reach. With a distance of about 60 km from Sint Niklaas, a taxi journey to Brussels takes about 1 hour, depending on traffic.


A taxi ride to Ghent, another fantastic Belgian city known for its well-preserved medieval architecture, is around 40 minutes. At a distance of about 35 km, Ghent makes for an excellent day trip from Sint Niklaas.

Travel to Airports from Sint Niklaas

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is the most significant international airport accessible from Sint Niklaas. A taxi ride covers approximately 60 km and takes about 50 minutes, providing a hassle-free and reliable method of reaching your flight on time.

Taxi Sint Niklaas to Charleroi Airport

Charleroi Airport, another major international gateway, is about 100 km from Sint Niklaas. Opt for a Taxi Sint Niklaas for a comfortable journey of approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, ensuring timely arrival for your flight.

Antwerp International Airport

For those looking for a shorter trip to the airport, Antwerp International Airport is a great choice. It’s about 30 km from Sint Niklaas, and a taxi journey generally takes about 30 minutes.

Local Attractions and Hotels

Waasland Shopping Center

As the largest shopping center in Belgium, Waasland Shopping Center is a must-visit destination. A mere 10-minute taxi ride from Sint Niklaas’ city center, it is an excellent place for shopping enthusiasts.

Serre De Keyser Hotel

For those looking for a luxurious stay, the Serre De Keyser Hotel is a highly-rated choice. A taxi from Sint Niklaas to this exquisite hotel usually takes about 15 minutes.

De Ster Recreation Park

Families and nature lovers will enjoy De Ster, a beautiful recreation park. It’s just a quick 10-minute taxi ride away from the center of Sint Niklaas.

In conclusion, Taxi Sint Niklaas offers reliable and convenient transportation to and from a wide array of destinations. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, Taxi Sint Niklaas is your trusted partner for exploring Belgium’s rich cultural and historical offerings.

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