Taxi Sint Truiden

Exploring Sint Truiden: Your Ultimate Taxi Guide

Sint Truiden, nestled in the heart of Belgium’s Flemish region, is a bustling city renowned for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and friendly locals. One of the most convenient ways to explore this charming city and its surrounding areas is by taxi. Whether you’re heading to nearby cities, airports, hotels, or local attractions, taxi services in Sint Truiden provide reliable and efficient transportation solutions.

Discover Nearby Cities with Taxi Sint Truiden

When you’re in Sint Truiden, you’re in close proximity to some of Belgium’s most iconic cities. With a taxi, these cities are just a ride away.


The capital city of Belgium, Brussels, is a must-visit destination. Just about 80 km away, a taxi ride from Sint Truiden to Brussels takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes. Experience the city’s vibrant arts scene, visit the historic Grand Place, or indulge in authentic Belgian cuisine.


Next on your list should be Antwerp, located 75 km north of Sint Truiden. A taxi journey typically takes around 1 hour 15 minutes. Antwerp is famous for its diamond district and the stunning Cathedral of Our Lady.


Located 50 km to the south-east, Liège is a taxi ride of about 45 minutes from Sint Truiden. Known for its rich cultural heritage, Liège is home to the famous Royal Opera of Wallonia.

Convenient Airport Transfers with Taxi Sint Truiden

Taxi Sint Truiden ensures hassle-free transfers to and from major airports.

Brussels Airport

At a distance of approximately 70 km, Brussels Airport is the nearest international airport to Sint Truiden. A taxi ride to Brussels Airport takes about an hour, making it a convenient choice for both domestic and international travelers.

Taxi Service from Sint-Truiden to Charleroi Airport

Looking for a reliable taxi service from Sint-Truiden to Charleroi Airport? Our experienced drivers provide efficient and comfortable transportation, ensuring a hassle-free journey. With competitive rates and a fleet of well-maintained vehicles, we offer a convenient and punctual travel option. Whether you’re heading for a business trip or a vacation, book your taxi today and enjoy a stress-free ride to Charleroi Airport.

Liège Airport

Liège Airport, around 55 km away, is another accessible airport from Sint Truiden. A taxi ride to Liège Airport usually takes about 50 minutes.

Top Hotels and Attractions in Sint Truiden

Taxis in Sint Truiden are not just for long-distance travel. They’re also perfect for exploring local gems.


Choose from luxury accommodations like the Hotel Stayen, just a quick 5-minute taxi ride from the city center, or the charming Boutique Hotel Caelus VII, a mere 10-minute drive away.


A taxi ride can also whisk you away to popular local attractions like the stunning Sint-Truiden City Hall and the historical Begijnhof Sint Agnes. Both are just a short 5-minute taxi ride from the city center.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re traveling to a nearby city, catching a flight, or exploring local attractions, Taxi Sint Truiden is your reliable partner for convenient and comfortable travel. Experience the best of Sint Truiden and beyond with the city’s premier taxi services.

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