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Taxi Tomorrowland

We provide taxi services to from Brussels city to Tomorrowland festival and Dreamville in Boom. Besides we have a taxi from Brussels airport to Tomorrowland festival and Dreamville Boom. Please come to us for a taxi from Charleroi airport to Tomorrowland festival and Dreamville in Boom. Our drivers will take you in a taxi from Antwerp to Tomorrowland festival and Dreamville camp in Boom. Our company has a taxi service from Mechelen and Machelen to Tomorrowland festival and Dreamville camp. We have a taxi from Meise to Tomorrowland festival and Dreamville camp. We have a taxi from any hotel in Brussels to Tomorrowland festival and Dreamville.

What you need to know about Tomorrowland festival in Boom, Brussels

Tomorrowland is an electronic music festival organized in July of each year on a special site of the municipality of De Schorre in Boom and this is located in the province of Antwerp, in Belgium.
The Tomorrowland festival appeared in 2003, This was on the idea of ​​two brothers namely: Manu and Michiel Beers. These are the organizer of Dutch electronic music events ID&T (recognized for famous festivals such as Mystery Land, Sensation and Thunderdome). They bought 50% of the shares in 2004 (before reselling them twelve years later), then the first edition of the festival was organized in 2005. In 2013, the concept was quickly exported to the United States near Atlanta and became TomorrowWorld for the occasion. Two years later, in 2015, a festival called Tomorrowland was held in a third country, Brazil. In 2019, the Belgian festival sets up Tomorrowland Winter in France, in the mountains, at Alpe d’Huez.
Tomorrowland counted, in 2012, the participation of more than 365 disc jockeys, with approximately 180,000 visitors to this edition from 75 different countries. In the following years, the number of festival-goers remained stable, but more and more nationalities were represented, until 2004. He was elected three times in succession as the “best musical event of the year” at the Winter Music Conference and its reputation is such that certain videos published by the organization exceed one hundred million views. Today, there remains the “best known electronic music festival in the world”. It employs 80 people year-round for the organization and 12,000 people during the event.

Tomorrowland is the best festival for Electronic Dance Music ( EDM )

Do we still need to present Tomorrowland, the biggest dance festival in the world? Each year it hosts a program of the cream of dance DJs in the Belgian city of Boom.

A safe bet for electro, the festival receives the best of EDM, house, techno and hardstyle, as shown by its previous editions, which have notably seen The Chainsmokers, Carl Cox, Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren and Tiësto jostle to the turntables.

EDM, house, techno and hardstyle addicts already know that they will only find the best in electro, like The Chainsmokers, Carl Cox, Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, or Tiësto, on turntables in previous editions.

You only need to talk about the incredible design of the stages, spectacular productions and unusual surprises to understand why the tickets for Tomorrowland run out in record time every year!

A real Mecca for dance fans, Tomorrowland promises all festival-goers to immerse themselves in its magical and mythological world. An absolutely essential event !!!!

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In few words, you can retain that During the Tomorrowland festival, we have many taxi requests from Brussels Airport to Tomorrowland at Boom. The Tomorrowland festival is organized for 2 weeks. So we have the first group of customers who book their taxis from Brussels Airport or from their hotel to Tomorrowland. The next week we have other groups of customers who book their taxi to Tomorrowland for 1 day, 2 days or the 3 consecutive days of the festival.

Can I book a taxi to the Tomorrowland festival?

When Tomorrowland festival started?

Firstly Tomorrowland festival appeared in 2003 and this idea of two brothers namely Manu and Michiel Beers.

Which counties Tomorrowland festival is conducted?

These are the list of the country:

  • Brazil
  • Belgian
  • France and mountains at Alpe d’Huez

Why Tomorrowland festival is famous?

The Tomorrowland festival is like a real mecca for music fans, Tomorrowland promises all festivals to immerse themselves in this magical and mythological world.

Is any taxi service is available to Tomorrowland?

We get many taxi requests from Brussels airport to Tomorrowland at the boom, tomowworland festival is organized for 2 weeks, our team can fulfill all your booking needs for them as per your booking preference.

What music is played at the Tomorrowland festival?

These are some following music types:

  • Electro
  • EDM
  • House
  • Hardstyle