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Taxi Zeebrugge: Your Reliable Travel Partner

Zeebrugge, an enchanting coastal city in Belgium, is a gem of a location that houses the country’s most significant international port. Your exploration of this beautiful city and its surroundings is made easy with a Taxi Zeebrugge. Whether you want to visit popular cities, hotels, airports, or tourist attractions, travelling in a taxi ensures a smooth, comfortable and hassle-free journey.

Popular Cities to Visit from Zeebrugge by Taxi


Bruges, a UNESCO world heritage city, is one of the most popular destinations for travelers from Zeebrugge. Bruges is approximately 17 kilometers from Zeebrugge, a comfortable 30-minute taxi ride. The city is renowned for its medieval architecture, cobblestone streets, and historic canals.


Ghent is another attractive destination, boasting a rich history and vibrant nightlife. Located approximately 60 kilometers from Zeebrugge, it is around a 50-minute taxi ride. The city’s medieval architecture, particularly the Saint Bavo’s Cathedral and Gravensteen castle, are major attractions for tourists.

Top Hotels to Reach from Zeebrugge by Taxi

The Port Hotel, Zeebrugge

A comfortable 5-minute taxi ride from Zeebrugge’s city center brings you to The Port Hotel. This hotel is well known for its cozy accommodations and exceptional service.

Hotel Dukes’ Palace, Bruges

Located in the heart of Bruges, the Hotel Dukes’ Palace is a luxury hotel and a 30-minute taxi ride from Zeebrugge. This 15th-century palace offers elegance and historical charm, making your stay memorable.

Accessible Airports from Zeebrugge by Taxi

Ostend-Bruges International Airport

The Ostend-Bruges International Airport is about 35 kilometers from Zeebrugge, typically a 40-minute taxi ride. This airport offers various international and domestic flights, making it a common choice for travelers.

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport, the largest in Belgium, is approximately 120 kilometers away from Zeebrugge. It generally takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach by taxi. Offering flights to destinations worldwide, it’s a key hub for international travelers.

Attraction Places to Explore from Zeebrugge by Taxi

Zeebrugge’s Seafront Marinas

The marinas are a mere 10-minute taxi ride from Zeebrugge’s city center. This area offers stunning views of the sea, and the marinas are home to numerous restaurants and cafes.

Boudewijn Seapark, Bruges

A 40-minute taxi ride from Zeebrugge takes you to the Boudewijn Seapark in Bruges. This theme park is a popular destination for families, offering exciting attractions and a unique dolphin show.
Taxi Zeebrugge promises a journey tailored to your needs, whether you’re travelling for business, leisure or need a reliable airport transfer. Their professional and experienced drivers ensure your travel around Zeebrugge and beyond is comfortable, safe and efficient. Make your journey memorable by choosing Taxi Zeebrugge, your reliable travel partner in Belgium.

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